Is Alive and Well

by The Skies Revolt

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released April 15, 2008



all rights reserved


The Skies Revolt Grand Rapids, Michigan

Some guys, a 3 legged dog and an old diesel shuttle bus roaming the country.

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Track Name: For Redemption
For redemption their has to be a fall, Please let her go she cant breathe. Oh her heart will shut off believe this. We're having a good time
Track Name: The Transitive Deficiency
All we have is this 2 toned sequence now, carefully scripted good-byes show us how. Your new place to be, your new way to be, but wait! I've got something to say. Can we start this over again. Now you plan your disappearance, operation away, your plane is ready for clearance, operation away. God up there I need your help now, give me something to say!
Track Name: Meanwhile
Is this everything we're meant to be!
Track Name: Justice and Monroe
And we'll stay up all night, talk about how we have nothing to talk about. And we'll laugh at how our noses wrinkle, keep us one more day. I want to fall in love with the people that I hate so they can break my heart. La La La. Come all ye faithful, we'll, we'll find a way. Penny's not a sophomore anymore. I want to fall in love with the people that I hate so they can break my heart.
Track Name: Mopeded
This is just how, how we turn out, we hear about glory and redemption, moped gangs with roped for chains, a dinner party interrupted by screams, significant others are fashion statements it's significant for us to look important. Lets pretend that our friends are who they were when we first met them. Party friends are fashion but they take great photographs it's passion. Spit it out, what did you see, was it made of evil. Sin has tired me out.
Track Name: Dodge
These are our bloody bruised and dry lips in desperate need of chap stick. Beware desperate companionship. This is all terribly unsettling and I am terribly good at guessing. Did you kiss, did you cuddle, did you laugh and did you giggle. We hide all of our flaws just to get an applause. This is all terribly unsettling and I am terribly good at guessing.
Track Name: The Canal
Sometimes everything's done with a make out. Not everyone needs to make it out. If we meet in our secret place will the bad guys find us there. Now's not the time to forget not the time to regret. Now that the disaster has cleared there's still ringing in our ears. All the people we met all the people we met. Now's not the time to forget. Ladidadida
Track Name: Taking Stands
So we grow up and some of us we throw up. We have to live, we have to live. Her eyes were curious eyes they kiss without lips and make notes without ink and sometimes they drip. We look back and wish we were who we were. The truth is mistakes were made for her. Boyfriends for band-aids. I don't want to wait for you I don't have the time for that.
Track Name: Single
You're not an object to be gotten off inside. I want to take it back. We're climbing towels on bathroom walls, they are starting to slip and we're going to fall. You're not an object to be gotten off inside. I want to take it back.
Track Name: To Be Continued...Continued
It's fashion, addicting, when will we be sensationalized and built up as heroes and monsters and creeps. Oh we're slowly exploding, there's rubble on the floor, that cuts our feet. We're slipping on the blood. We're never too late to, to take our chances and stand up to iron, to iron things with glances. Get up, We have to take a rest but not yet. It's never so easy to breathe in and out when the air is so heavy and black out there. Angels will always stand taller when the world's caught on fire beneath us to set us apart. Now I wish the way you could see this how I wish the way you could see this. Dive for cover. The scientists are trying to trick us they told us its just frozen water particles. We know better the sky is falling and burning in the atmosphere. Spreading white ash on our town, God's way of telling us to slow down. Oh my God how you just saved me!