Kamikaze Romantic Thoughts

by The Skies Revolt

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released November 21, 2007



all rights reserved


The Skies Revolt Grand Rapids, Michigan

Some guys, a 3 legged dog and an old diesel shuttle bus roaming the country.

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Track Name: The Great White Shark is a Racist
Oh, I didn't think this was possible, fake blood and screaming out all of your oxygen. Fake angel they all say so they all say so, we're the people watched through peep holes they all say so they all say so.
Track Name: The Legendary Coal Black Horse
Blessed be us who know how to fall apart. We're not your hardcore fix for your black pants, why cant we keep our own tongues in our mouths. We're making kamikaze romantic thoughts. We walk past rubble and fallen friends who's arms and legs trapped under buildings who stand tall hover and smile. These were happy people. The dentists are coming for bleeding our gums, we are just now receiving our good looks. Those good looks can come as sharp as a gun so slick back your hair and pretend she's not young. Tornadoes have taken this city and it's breath but life is in the soul. We choose who takes that. That is beautiful.
Track Name: Tetris Was a bad Choice
Has anyone ever told you that you have a manly jaw that attracts all the girls and a southern drawl that screams of electric guitar tones. Look at that swagger look at that swagger. Watch out he's got a Swagger bomb. He's so sincere he's got his arm around her, lets all mark her down in value and blame her, somebody save her somebody save her. This generation falls in love in bed that's no place to start an adventure. Live I encourage you to live, please don't explode.
Track Name: Back Off Man I'm a Scientist
No! we're all still young, hey hey, we'll never give up. The past was accidentally recorded through faulty power lines and bounced city to city. We're the kids that walk alone at midnight, watch out for falling down power lines, blue sparks are the sharpest. No, we're all okay. We're the rockers that lost to call the club rap, where's the claps where's the claps!
Track Name: Little Tony's Italian Birthday Gone Wrong
Head bang, we're insane, and we're making sinless thoughts. When this band dies, we'll live on, under different names and different songs. And when it's too bright out and sunglasses fail, they'll melt to our noses we'll make pretty poses. You wanted this fight, and we brought it forward, we're taking the punches and we're not even tired. And by the way she's something special.
Track Name: She Had To
The recycled airplane parts, that were used to build robots, who destroy the city. Oh dashing good looks, it's not that creepy. She screamed I love you as if she didn't know how to stop. She didn't know how to stop. It's so sad and disappointing what we have to do to receive our grace. She had to. Remember those non committal make outs will grow, repeating mistaken love. Die die the one who wouldn't love you. Die die the one who wouldn't save you.