Plastic Revolution

by The Skies Revolt

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released June 1, 2010



all rights reserved


The Skies Revolt Grand Rapids, Michigan

Some guys, a 3 legged dog and an old diesel shuttle bus roaming the country.

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Track Name: False Glory and Praise
Give them all your money give it all to them, I don't want to be in a bubblegum pop protest band. If this is honor I'm not allowed. If this is the antidote I don't want to die and choke.
Track Name: My Considered Soul
My lips are sore from the healing process. I'm not considered a whore because I ask forgiveness. I'm not ready to grow old and waste my life in bars, try to numb my flaws, forget my causes. Take my soul and perforate it like paper for quicker detachment later.
Track Name: The Popped Collar Monster
Ex girlfriends were dated, the progress was published and reported, alliances were made with suppliers and supporters. She's a leaky ship just trying to fill her holes with nothing but water, riding on the waves of compliments and comments. Bring your strongest men and your itchiest ropes. The lassos need to hurt when you're reeling her in. How are you showing her God's love?
Un-pop your collar for church on the sabbath seal your identity. We are all individual reporters, mouths full of mortars, slandering is our armor. Someone will stand up and say everybody like me, why wont you just like me. Oh we hug and we kiss our decent and we love all the things we regret.
Track Name: Our Plastic Revolution
I don't want to sing about self conscious things. I don't need a picket sign for praise and attention. I need laser beam just to fight you. Lonely people do lonely things. We'll pour our hearts out so the kids can tear us apart.
Lets build a group of boys and girls, let build crushes and jealousy, lets start fighting before we know what we're really fighting for because we're bored.
Track Name: At An Inn Lincoln Once Stayed...In
We are all morally and culturally offended at anything different because we don't have faith in what we believe. We've all been stunted half beliefs or nothing.
Everybody strike your prettiest poses, the ones that your best at. Try to make smaller noses get breast implants. We've all been stunted, half beliefs or nothing.
If we've all been taught to give in, where's the revolution? The liars are marching, their reign is engulfing. It's time to stand up, its time to rise up.
The elitists and their prius and the club they all attend,
they don't really want Jesus just exact same opinions.
The climate they've created and they all live in, they say we're all going to die if we don't submit to them.
The call is for the grown ups to indoctrinate their kids,
make them fear the future give them pills to live with.
Make sure if they're hugged that they think that they are raped, and if they are loved that they know to run away. In the future they'll run out of oxygen and it holds no jobs for them. So make the air machines to sell for a profit so we can all breathe.
Track Name: Scattered Giants
The days of giants are over. The survivors have all scattered. The masses have taken over. They build their pedestals for target practice. Profits have to kid themselves to deal with what they know. Sin is inevitable and i'll try to fix it on my own.Set my heart on fire I rather be burned then bought.
Track Name: On The Road
There's a group of people who sleep on floors and drive for nights on end. They pour their hearts out to empty rooms or people that just pretend. If they decide you're cool enough not good enough just cool, they'll lift you up really high, praise you for the work you've done and claim to have been there all along. A year will pass and they'll take another look, decide that their too old. You're losers now and take a hike, how dare you have something to hold. We will not live up to your expectations. These were happy people. Don't accept this fall its not all that we have.
Track Name: Waiting For...
I've been bred for indecision, part time girlfriend part time Christian. An idea in person shaped clothing, real men don't shave their chests. We hid our lies behind our hands,
made a fist for our friends. Failed on the pact never to sin.
Worn down again, worn down by imperfect natures. Always ready when you are weakest, compromises never happen in a hurry, glory comes when you are weary.
We came exhausted to the exalted. When called on we will move mountains.
Track Name: And a Boy Falling
I like taking things from you. It's hard not to come through, I don't want to date you. I'll take a break from you for now. I'll not be forever. I want to. We had all of our dreams. It's time to make a choice or two, I don't know what to do. I've been sick to my stomach for most of my life, what's a little more time?
Track Name: The Transitive Deficiency (Again)
All we have is this two toned sequence now. Carefully scripted goodbyes show us how. Your new place to be, your new way to be, but wait, I've got something to say.
Miss you when you've changed, guess it's just that way. Wait, I've got something to say. Can we start this over again. Now you plan your disappearance, operation away.
Your plane is ready for clearance, operation away. God up their I need your help now, give me something to say. Two toned automated sequence, all the words that we say.